Cristiano Ronaldo: Saudi League can be one of the five best in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo has reflected on his first season in the Saudi league with Al-Nassr, expressing his desire to win titles in the future. Despite his expectations not being met this year, Ronaldo remains optimistic about the team’s improvement and is committed to the project. Discover Cristiano Ronaldo: I think the Saudi league can be one of the five best in the world.

He believes that passion, consistency, and determination are essential for success. Ronaldo dismissed rumours of unhappiness and stressed the importance of belief and hard work.

Cristiano Ronaldo explained to the Saudi Pro League media channel.

Well, my expectation was a bit different, to be honest, I was hoping to win something this year, but it is not always as we think or as we want

While Ronaldo acknowledged the competitive nature of the Saudi league, he suggested areas for improvement, such as infrastructure, refereeing, and the VAR system. However, he expressed his happiness in Saudi Arabia and his belief that the league can become one of the top five globally in the next five years.

Ronaldo added,

The league is competitive. We have very good teams, very good Arab players. But they need to improve the infrastructure a little bit more. Even the referees, the VAR system… they should be a little bit faster.
Cristiano Ronaldo Saudi League

Ronaldo discussed the adjustments he had to make in terms of training times due to the climate and Ramadan. Despite the challenges, he appreciated the experiences and the passion of Saudi football fans. Ronaldo welcomed the potential arrivals of other star players to the Saudi league, believing it would enhance its quality and benefit both young and veteran players.

Ronaldo has had to adapt to training at different times of the day in Saudi Arabia. He said,

“One example is that in Europe we train more in the morning, but here we train in the afternoon, or at night… and in Ramadan we train at 10 o’clock at night.”

“This is very strange, but as I say, these situations are part of an experience, memories. I like to live these moments because you learn from these things.

“It’s difficult, but it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. My experience so far is that Saudi fans really love football.”

Ronaldo remains positive about the future, determined to win titles with Al-Nassr, and optimistic about the growth of football in Saudi Arabia.

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