Concern over Vinicius Jr muscle injury

Vinicius Jr suffered an injury in the recent match against Celta Vigo. This is where he had to leave the field early due to discomfort in the back of his right thigh following a run down the left flank. Despite his efforts to continue, the coaching staff eventually substituted him with Joselu after fifteen minutes. Discover Concern over Vinicius Jr muscle injury.

The upcoming Monday will see Vinicius undergo a comprehensive medical examination, including an MRI scan, to precisely determine the severity of his injury. The club is hoping for a positive outcome, but reports from El Chiringuito suggest that Vinicius might be dealing with a ruptured fibrillation. Which could potentially keep him out of action for about a month.

Real Madrid is undeniably dealt a blow with the absence of one of their key players. Vinicius will miss the upcoming match against Getafe and won’t be available for the Brazilian national team during the upcoming international break.

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Ancelotti, the coach, confirmed that Vinicius won’t be participating in the Getafe game but should be on the path to recovery during the break. The definitive extent of his absence will depend on the forthcoming tests that will provide a clearer picture of the number of matches he might miss.

Following the break, Real Madrid’s schedule includes a LaLiga EA Sports encounter against Real Sociedad on September 16. The subsequent week, likely on September 19th or 20th, they commence their Champions League journey.

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