Coco Gauff reveals how her boyfriend helped her win the US Open: Who is the mystery guy?

American rising star Coco Gauff emerged victorious in the US Open tennis tournament, defeating Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka despite early errors. Despite never previously winning a grand slam, Gauff was the favored player, which added significant pressure to her performance. Discover Coco Gauff reveals how her boyfriend helped her win the US Open: Who is the mystery guy?.

During the tournament, there were speculations about her relationship status, and Gauff shared insights after clinching the US Open title. In her post-match press conference, she mentioned, “I called my boyfriend, and we talked until 1:00 a.m. I woke up this morning, still feeling in the match even after losing the first set. I was determined to give it my all.”

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Throughout her professional career, Gauff has displayed maturity and professionalism both on and off the court, keeping her personal life private. Thus, her revelation about having a boyfriend surprised many fans.

With Serena and Venus Williams no longer dominating American women’s tennis, Gauff’s US Open victory has solidified her as the leading figure in the sport. Her next challenge is to continue building on her success with more grand slam victories.

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