Chelsea to Host Premier League’s First Open Iftar with Ramadan Tent Project

Chelsea Football Club has announced its plan to host an Open Iftar in partnership with the Ramadan Tent Project at Stamford Bridge, marking the first time a Premier League stadium will be hosting such an event. The Open Iftar will take place on March 26, during the upcoming international break.

Ramadan, a holy month in the Islamic calendar, is a time for Muslims worldwide to engage in fasting, prayer, and reflection. During Iftar, those observing Ramadan break their fasts in the evening and come together to pray. Chelsea Open Iftar aims to bring together people from different communities to experience the spirit of Ramadan.

Kalidou Koulibaly, Chelsea defender and practising Muslim, said, “Ramadan is not a strict thing, it is open. In the night, everybody is happy to be together and everybody is happy to eat together. It can be a big community and this is the beautiful part of Ramadan.”

Chelsea Open Iftar

Wesley Fofana, who joined Chelsea from Leicester City last summer, is also a Muslim and spoke about the significance of Ramadan to him. “When it is Ramadan, you must be together with your friends. I have friends that are not Muslim, but they still come and eat and stay the night with me. We stay together, and it is beautiful,” he said.

Chelsea Open Iftar

The Ramadan Tent Project, a charity set up in 2013, aims to spread the spirit of Ramadan and bring communities together through various initiatives. Chelsea’s partnership with the charity is a demonstration of their commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

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