Beckham Questions Messi Inter Miami Debut

Inter Miami is gearing up to kick off the Leagues Cup 2023 with an exciting match against Liga MX’s Cruz Azul on July 21, an event that has sparked immense anticipation, largely due to the potential debut of football legend Lionel Messi with the Miami team.

With the DRV PNK Stadium countdown well underway, David Beckham, a prominent figure in the club, somewhat dampened the hopes of witnessing “La Pulga” (Messi) in action for the first time on American soil.

The possibility of Messi making his debut against the Mexican squad has left fans elated, especially following his official introduction on Sunday night.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, the former English footballer emphasized the importance of protecting their star player until they are fully certain of his readiness for the game:

“This is going to be a tough match. We’re well aware that Cruz Azul is a formidable team with a lineup of exceptional individuals. At this point, we’re uncertain whether Lio will participate in the match or if he’ll come on later, as he needs to be in optimal condition. It’s our responsibility to ensure that he’s fully prepared, considering he recently had a vacation. He’s been in Miami for a week now and has been training rigorously, and I must say, he’s looking fantastic.”


Beckham made it clear that the decision on Messi’s debut ultimately rests with the player himself and the team’s manager, Gerardo Martino:

“I believe Lio and Tata (Martino) will determine when he’ll play and if he’ll make an appearance on Friday. The atmosphere here will be nothing short of electrifying, and we’re hopeful to secure a victory.”

As the inaugural match of the Leagues Cup draws near, all eyes are on the potential involvement of Lionel Messi, whose presence is expected to add an extra layer of excitement to an already highly-anticipated encounter.

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