Andy Ruiz Disappointed In Ryan Garcia Against Gervonta Davis

In a recent interview, former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz expressed his disappointment in fellow American of Mexican descent, Ryan Garcia’s performance against Gervonta Davis. The highly anticipated bout ended with Garcia failing to get up from a body shot in the seventh round. Garcia drew accusations online from fans and fighters suggesting that he had quit.

Andy Ruiz was rooting for Garcia. He said that he felt Garcia had committed the greatest sin for a prizefighter by giving up. Ruiz believed that Garcia should have risked his life more to win the fight. He should have asked God for victory when he was knocked down.

Davis was ahead on all three scorecards at the time of the stoppage. Maintaining his undefeated record of 29 wins with 27 knockouts. In contrast, Garcia suffered his first loss of his career, dropping to 23 wins, 1 loss, and 19 knockouts.

Andy Ruiz

The fight between Garcia and Davis was highly anticipated, with fans eagerly waiting to see who would come out on top. While Davis was ahead on the scorecards, Garcia’s performance left much to be desired. Many fans and boxing experts have criticized Garcia for his lack of grit and determination in the fight.

Despite the loss, Garcia remains one of the most promising young boxers in the sport. At just 24 years old, he has already achieved a great deal in his career, with 23 wins and 19 knockouts to his name. While the loss to Davis was a setback, there is no doubt that Garcia will be back in the ring soon, eager to prove his worth as one of boxing’s rising stars.

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