Andy Murray And Wimbledon: Warns of Disruptions by Just Stop Oil

Andy Murray expresses his belief that activists from the organization Just Stop Oil can potentially disrupt Wimbledon. However, he cautioned players against taking matters into their own hands, citing an incident involving cricketer Jonny Bairstow who removed a protester from the field during a Test match.

Murray warned that such actions could be dangerous. In response to the potential disruptions, the All England Club has implemented new entry conditions, prohibiting spray paint and glue to prevent activists from attaching themselves to the net. Wimbledon officials have urged players not to intervene in any potential demonstrations, urging them to avoid a situation similar to the one involving Bairstow.

Andy Murray, a two-time Wimbledon champion, acknowledged the validity of Just Stop Oil’s cause, which calls for an end to new oil, gas, and coal projects. However, he suggested that there might be alternative ways to convey their message without disrupting sporting events.

Murray, along with other players, anticipates possible disruptions during the tournament but hopes that it would occur at a favourable moment for their own performance. British No 1 Cameron Norrie joked that he would welcome a disruption if it helps him break his opponent’s rhythm.

There are concerns about potential disruptions by Just Stop Oil activists at Wimbledon, but players have been advised not to get involved and find alternative means of expressing their concerns.

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