Alex Morgan on gender equality and growing women’s soccer

In the aftermath of the US Women’s National Soccer team’s victory in the World Cup four years ago. The crowd passionately chanted for equal pay, highlighting the team’s fight for gender and economic equality. Looking back, Alex Morgan acknowledges the significant progress made since that iconic moment in Lyon. The team has achieved their goal of equal pay. They now enjoy improved conditions and treatment in Australia and New Zealand, which they describe as the “best ever.” Discover Alex Morgan on gender equality and growing women’s soccer.

In the past, the players not only had to focus on winning matches on the field but also had to fight a legal battle off the field to gain recognition and support. However, this time around, the team no longer faces those challenges. They can now solely concentrate on putting in hard work. Ensuring their physical and mental preparedness for the next game, which is a gratifying feeling for Morgan.

Alex Morgan emphasizes the positive role played by US Soccer in supporting the team. Recognizing that not all federations worldwide provide the same level of support. As the team finds themselves in a strong position now, Morgan pledges to support other players worldwide who continue to fight for the same rights and recognition they struggled for in the past.

In her personal life, Morgan has experienced significant changes, becoming a mother. This journey has shaped her as a person, making her a better footballer, teammate, and mother. She also observes the substantial growth of women’s soccer in general over the past four years.

The US Women’s National Soccer team has made remarkable progress, achieving their goals of equal pay and better treatment, both on and off the field. As the team prepares for the upcoming games, they can now focus on their performance, leaving behind the legal battles they once faced. The evolution of women’s soccer has been significant, and the players, including Alex Morgan, are proud advocates for equality and growth in the sport.

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