2023 London Marathon Faces Disruption from Just Stop Oil Group

The 2023 London Marathon is one of the world’s most popular sporting events. It is facing potential disruptions from the environmental campaign group Just Stop Oil. The group is campaigning for the end of fossil fuel use. They have stated that they will continue to disrupt sports and cultural events until institutions join them in civil resistance against new oil and gas. In a statement, the group said that allowing new oil and gas is the greatest criminal act in human history and is genocidal.

Just Stop Oil has a history of disruptive protests. This includes glueing themselves to roads, zip-locking their necks to goalposts, blockading oil facilities, and targeting iconic artwork. The group’s protests have gained attention but have also attracted criticism for disrupting daily life. They delay emergency services and damage cultural heritage.

Climate group Extinction Rebellion (XR) has also organized a protest this weekend. Which aims to see tens of thousands of activists demanding the UK government stop its search for new fossil fuels immediately. Nearly 30,000 people have already said they will join the four-day protest.

2023 London Marathon

XR has stated in a statement that it has no intention of interfering with the 2023 London Marathon race. It has been collaborating with the Metropolitan Police to guarantee that both events may take place at the same time.

Additionally, the police have stated that they are prepared for people who try to stop the race. They will be using specialised officers to respond to any protesters who lock or glue themselves to street furniture or purpose-built structures. The police have said that they are prepared for people who try to stop the race.

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