Rick Shiels Net Worth: Journey to $4.5 Million

Rick Shiels is a pro golfer and popular YouTuber from Northern Ireland. His main channel Rick Shiels Golf, boasts 2.41 million subscribers and over 460 million views. Besides YouTube he’s into podcasting and is quite active on social media. Discover Rick Shiels Net Worth: Journey to $4.5 Million.

He’s raked in a net worth of about $4.5 million, mainly from his thriving YouTube channel and PGA coaching.

Early Life and Career

Shiels was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, back in 1975. He kicked off his golf journey at 10 and went pro in ’97. He took on the European Tour from ’99 to ’07, but the winner’s podium eluded him.


Around 2008, Shiels hung up his pro golf hat and shifted gears to coaching. He even started his own YouTube channel, which blew up as a top golf spot on there.

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YouTube Channel and Podcast

Shiels runs a lively YouTube channel that’s a hub for diverse golf content. You’ll find everything there – from lessons that help you improve your swing, to honest reviews about the latest golf gear, and even engaging vlogs. Believe it or not, his videos have racked up a mind-boggling 460 million views, and his subscriber count? Well, it’s a whopping 2.41 million strong.


But that’s not all – Shiels takes his passion for golf to the airwaves too. He hosts a podcast named “The Rick Shiels Show,” where he dives even deeper into the world of golf. It’s not your typical show, though. Instead, think of it as a cozy chat over a round of golf, where he sits down with professional players, coaches, and other folks who live and breathe golf. No corporate mumbo-jumbo here – just genuine conversations about the sport we all love.

Rick Shiels Social Media Presence

Shiels is quite the active presence on various social media platforms! You can catch him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where he’s built up quite the following. On Twitter, he’s got an impressive fanbase of over 100,000 followers. 


Over on Facebook, that number climbs even higher, with more than 200,000 people keeping up with his updates. And if you thought that was something, his Instagram following is the cherry on top, soaring past 300,000 followers. So, yeah, it’s safe to say he’s not exactly flying under the radar!

PGA Coaching

Shiels, the real deal PGA pro, is all about helping you perfect your golf game. He’s your go-to guy for both one-on-one and group golf lessons, making sure you swing like a champ. But that’s not all – he’s globetrotting too, spreading golf wisdom through his awesome golf schools and clinics across the map. Whether you’re a solo swinger or love the group vibe, Shiels has your back with top-tier golf guidance that’s all about action, not just fancy words.

Rick Shiels Net Worth

Rick Shiels’ net worth comes to approximately $4.5 million, mainly stemming from his highly successful YouTube channel and his role as a PGA coach. Through his YouTube endeavors, he rakes in an annual income ranging from an estimated $23.6K to $531K. This translates to an average monthly earning of around $36,000 – not too shabby at all. 


But that’s not all; he’s got his hands in various pockets. You’ll spot him partnering up with a bunch of golf gear and clothing brands. If you’re looking for a one-on-one golf guru experience, he’s up for hire at about $200 an hour. But wait, there’s more! Shiels takes his expertise to the masses through golf schools and clinics, adding more coins to his coffers via tuition fees. All in all, it’s safe to say he’s aced the art of turning a passion into a pretty penny.

Sources of Income

Shiels draws his income from a diverse array of sources, reflecting his multifaceted career. He earns from YouTube through ad revenue, a platform where his engaging content resonates with viewers worldwide. His influence also extends to product endorsements, where his authentic voice lends credibility to the brands he supports. 

Shiels further shares his expertise through speaking engagements, captivating audiences with his insights into the world of golf and beyond. Additionally, he contributes to his earnings through golf instruction, leveraging his skills to help enthusiasts improve their game. Through these varied channels, Shiels has established a well-rounded income portfolio that mirrors his dynamic professional journey.

It’s a Wrap!

Rick Shiels, a skilled golfer, YouTube sensation and PGA coach has made quite a name for himself. With a net worth of approximately $4.5 million stemming from his diverse business endeavors he’s undeniably successful. Rick Shiels is more than just a face in the golfing community; he’s a bona fide influencer who’s constantly broadening his reach and impact.

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