Brady Quinn Net Worth: NFL, Endorsements, and More

Brady Quinn, the former American football quarterback played in the NFL for about seven seasons. He kicked off his football journey at Notre Dame in college where he even won the Maxwell Award. He got drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft. After a while in Cleveland, he switched to Denver for two seasons. He wrapped up his career with one-year stints at the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets and St. Louis Rams. Discover Brady Quinn Net Worth: NFL, Endorsements, and More.

However, Quinn’s NFL career didn’t quite pan out as people had hoped. He started about 37 games during his seven seasons, throwing for 9,650 yards and 59 touchdowns. Unfortunately, he was let go by the Rams after the 2013 season and he decided to hang up his NFL boots in 2014.

Brady Quinn Net Worth in 2023

Even though Quinn’s NFL career might not have reached the heights he aspired to, he’s managed to build up quite a noteworthy fortune. As of the year 2023, reports suggest that his net worth stands impressively at around $10 million. 


This sum underscores how success can manifest in unexpected ways, demonstrating that financial achievement can emerge from diverse paths beyond the conventional routes we often anticipate.

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How Brady Quinn Made His Net Worth

Quinn made most of his money from playing in the NFL. He scored a $20.2 million, five-year deal with the Browns back in 2007, and he raked in extra cash from signing and performance bonuses while he played.


Apart from his NFL earnings, Quinn boosted his income with endorsements. He teamed up with brands like Nike, Gatorade, and Pepsi. After his NFL days, Quinn shifted gears. He’s now a football analyst on Fox Sports, talking about college and the NFL. He’s also running his own stuff, like a restaurant and a clothing line.

How Brady Quinn Spends His Money

Quinn keeps his financial matters fairly private, but he’s been clear about his love for quality time with family and friends. Sharing moments with them means a lot. He’s got a taste for exploration, whether it’s jetting off to new places or teeing up on the golf course.


Beyond his personal interests, Quinn’s heart is rooted in his community. He’s not just about writing checks; he truly cares. He’s rolled up his sleeves and given his time to those who could use a hand. From lending a hand at local charities to pitching in wherever he’s needed. It’s his way of making a difference where it matters most.

Brady Quinn’s Personal Life

Quinn is happily married to Alicia Sacramone, who happens to be an incredible Olympic gymnast. Their love has brought them beautiful daughters, forming a wonderful family unit. When he’s not busy with other things, Quinn finds pure joy in being around his family and close friends – those moments mean the world to him. He’s definitely one to cherish the simple pleasures of life. 

Exploring new places is another thing that brings excitement to Quinn’s days. Whether it’s a new city or a tranquil countryside, he’s always up for an adventure. And hey, don’t forget the golf clubs – Quinn’s got a soft spot for teeing off on a sunny day. It’s not just about the game; it’s about those leisurely moments shared with good company and the great outdoors.

It’s a Wrap!

Brady Quinn, the ex-NFL quarterback, has built up quite a substantial net worth. This financial success comes from his time on the football field, the various endorsements he’s been a part of, and his endeavors after retiring from the NFL. Beyond his financial accomplishments, Quinn has also made a name for himself as a heartfelt philanthropist, showing his generous side. He finds joy in not just his achievements, but also in cherishing moments with his loved ones. Moreover, family and friends hold a special place in his heart, and he’s known for relishing quality time spent with them.

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