Andy Ruiz Net Worth: How He Punched His Way to Wealth

Andy Ruiz Jr. is a US boxer with around $18 million to his name. He once held all the heavyweight titles – WBA (Super) IBF, WBO and IBO. Discover Andy Ruiz Net Worth: How He Punched His Way to Wealth.

Ruiz is famous for his unique boxing style and his knack for packing a punch. He’s also the first ever Mexican-American heavyweight champ in history.

Early Life and Career

Ruiz, born in Imperial, California, in ’89, started boxing at 12 and had a great amateur record of 105 wins and 5 losses. He went pro in ’09 and won his first 19 fights, knocking out 16 of his opponents.


Then, in 2019, Ruiz pulled off a huge surprise by beating the highly favored Anthony Joshua to become the heavyweight champ. He won by unanimous decision, dropping Joshua four times. This win turned Ruiz into a global sensation and earned him a cool $7 million.

Sure, he lost the rematch to Joshua in December ’19, but he made a strong comeback by beating Chris Arreola in May 2021. Right now, BoxRec ranks him as the third-best heavyweight in the world.

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Andy Ruiz Net Worth

Andy Ruiz net worth is said to clock in at around $18 million, and he’s mainly raked in that cash through his boxing journey. When he went toe-to-toe with Joshua in their first fight, he took home a cool $7 million, and in the thrilling rematch, he bumped that up to $9 million. But the money train didn’t stop there – Ruiz also padded his wallet through partnerships with big names like Pepsi and Modelo.


So, to break it down, Ruiz’s fortune of $18 million isn’t just a lucky punch. It’s the result of some serious boxing skills and smart moves in the endorsement game. Those fights against Joshua were his big payday moments, and those brand deals sweetened the pot, making him a heavyweight both in the ring and in the bank account.

Personal Life

Andy Ruiz Jr. is a family guy, happily married with three kids. He shares a lot of family pics on social media and leans on his strong Christian faith when times get tough.

He’s that friendly, food-loving guy who’s always enjoying big meals. Weight’s been a bit of a battle for him, but he’s shown serious dedication to staying fit for his fights.


Back in his hometown of Imperial, California, he’s a hometown hero, always doing good for the community and a role model for the young ones. And in Mexico, he’s like a national treasure.

Lately, Andy’s had some personal ups and downs, like a DUI arrest and a domestic violence incident. But he’s trying to grow up and get his life back on track.

It’s a Wrap!

Andy Ruiz Jr. is a pretty successful boxer with a cool $18 million in his pocket. He used to be the heavyweight champ and he’s famous for his unique boxing style and his knack for packing a punch. Plus he made history as the first Mexican-American heavyweight champ ever.

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