Top 10 Most Iconic Ice Hockey Moments

The game of ice hockey is one that has won over the affections of millions of spectators all around the world. The game has produced some genuinely classic moments thanks to its fast-paced action, physical play, and high-stakes events. These moments will be remembered for years to come. Discover more about the Top 10 Most Iconic Ice Hockey moments.

This article is going to take a look at the top 10 most famous events in the history of ice hockey. These moments will range from game-winning goals to epic fights and everything in between.

Miracle on Ice 

To many, the Miracle on Ice represents the pinnacle of ice hockey’s most memorable moments. However, the amateur and college-level United States men’s ice hockey team advanced to the 1980 Winter Olympics semi-finals. 

Where they were defeated by the strongly favored Soviet Union team. The Americans won the game 4-3 despite being outshot by a significant margin; they went on to claim the gold medal.

Bobby Orr’s “Flying Goal” 

The goal scored by Bobby Orr in the 1970 Stanley Cup Finals is widely considered to be one of the greatest in NHL history. 

In Game 4 of the Finals between the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues. Orr scored the game-winning goal in overtime by diving through the air and tucking the puck past the goalkeeper to give the Bruins the championship.

Wayne Gretzky breaks Gordie Howe’s scoring record 

It is generally agreed upon that Wayne Gretzky was the best ice hockey player ever. And the fact that he broke a record in 1989 solidified his position as the greatest player of all time.

Gretzky breaks Gordie Howe’s record for most points in a career with his 1,851st point. Which he scored in a game against the Edmonton Oilers. This firmly established Gretzky’s position in history.

Mario Lemieux’s “One-Man Show” 

The performance that Mario Lemieux turned in during the 1991 Stanley Cup Finals is widely regarded as one of the most dominant examples of individual talent in the history of ice hockey.

Top 10 Most Iconic Ice Hockey Moments

Lemieux scored an unbelievable goal in Game 2 of the Finals by skating through the whole Minnesota North Stars team and fooling many players before scoring on a breakaway. This goal was the highlight of the series.

Patrick Roy’s “Butterfly Save” 

A “Butterfly Save” by Patrick Roy in the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals is one of the most memorable moments in the career of one of the NHL’s all-time great goaltenders.

Top 10 Most Iconic Ice Hockey Moments

Lastly, In Game 2 of the Finals between the Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings. Roy produced a spectacular butterfly save to deny Kings forward Rob Blake a certain goal.

Steve Yzerman’s “Double-Overtime Goal” 

The goal scored by Steve Yzerman in the second overtime of Game 7 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals in 1996 is widely regarded as one of the most tensest and most exciting moments in NHL history.


Top 10 Most Iconic Ice Hockey Moments

Yzerman scored the game-winning goal for the Detroit Red Wings. Who were competing against the St. Louis Blues at the time. The goal came from just inside the blue line. And it advanced the Red Wings to the next round of the playoffs.

Maurice “Rocket” Richard’s 50 goals in 50 games 

Moreover, Richard was the first NHL player to score 500 goals and the first to reach the 1,000 point mark. Additionally, he was one of the few players to have scored eight points in a single game, and was an integral part of the Montreal Canadiens’ success in the late 1940s and early 1950s, winning eight Stanley Cups with the team.

Top 10 Most Iconic Ice Hockey Moments

The goal-scoring feat that Richard accomplished ushered in a new era for the league. Served as an example for subsequent generations of players.

Bob Baun’s “Broken Leg Goal” 

The goal scored by Bob Baun in the sixth game of the 1964 Stanley Cup Finals is considered one of the toughest and most unforgettable moments in NHL history. 

Toronto Maple Leaf’s defenceman Baun broke his ankle early in the game but played through the pain. Baun’s overtime slapshot gave the Maple Leafs the victory they needed to win the Stanley Cup.

Tie Domi vs. Bob Probert 

One of the most famous fights in the history of the National Hockey League took place in 1992 between Tie Domi of the New York Rangers and Bob Probert of the Detroit Red Wings. 

Top 10 Most Iconic Ice Hockey Moments

Ice hockey is known for its rough play and fights that take place on the ice. In a fight that has gone down in history and is still remembered to this day. Moreover, the two heavyweight enforcers fought for more than a minute and traded blows.

Sidney Crosby’s “Golden Goal” 

The United States and Canada squared off against one another in the game for the gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics. 

Top 10 Most Iconic Ice Hockey Moments

After regulation and overtime had ended with the score equal, Sidney Crosby scored the game-winning goal. Throwing the fans into a frenzy and ensuring that Canada would win the gold medal.

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Wrapping It Up

These Top 10 Most Iconic Ice Hockey Moments are only a taste of the great history of the game. These events from upset victories by the underdog to record-breaking performances. Also, spectacular fights have become indelible in the memories of sports fans around the globe. Whether you’re a lifelong hockey fan or just starting to take an interest. These are the kinds of moments that will convince you why the sport is so popular.

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