Ligue 1 Rivalries: Everything You Need To Know

Rivalries are an essential component of the sport of football, and Ligue 1, the highest level of professional football in France, is no different. Throughout the course of its history, Ligue 1 has been home to a number of heated and illustrious rivalries between some of the most successful clubs in France. Discover more about the Ligue 1 rivalries.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 Ligue 1 rivalries. Discussing their history, relevance, and impact on football in France.

Top 10 Ligue 1 Rivalries

Following are the list of top 10 Ligue 1 Rivalries.

1. Olympique de Marseille vs Paris Saint-Germain

Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain have had one of the longest-running and fiercest rivalries in Ligue 1 during the course of the league’s history (PSG).

This competition has its roots in the 1970s. When Paris Saint-Germain was established as a challenger to Marseille’s preeminence in French football. Fans from all around the country constantly look forward with great anticipation to the matches that take place between these two clubs since they are known as Le Classique.

2. Olympique Lyonnais vs AS Saint-Etienne

Another ancient rivalry in Ligue 1 is known as the Derby Rhône-Alpes, which is played between Olympique Lyonnais and AS Saint-Etienne.

This rivalry stems from the fact that the two cities are separated geographically and culturally. As well as from the fact that each has a rich history of accomplishment in football. The competition between these two clubs is fierce, and the games they play against one another are typically very tight.

3. AS Monaco vs OGC Nice

This friendly competition between AS Monaco and OGC Nice is known as the Riviera Derby. These two clubs are located in cities that are only 30 kilometres apart from one another, and their animosity for one another is fostered by the fact that they are both competing for preeminence in the area.


The competition between these two clubs is always fierce. also the games between them frequently feature some of the most thrilling football in Ligue 1.

4. RC Lens vs Lille OSC

The intense competition between RC Lens and Lille OSC is known as the “Derby du Nord.” The disparities in history and culture that exist between these two cities serve as the inspiration for the rivalry that exists between these two clubs, which both have their home bases in the northern region of France.


When Lens and Lille play each other, the games are almost always intensely contested, and the vibe in the stadium can be downright electrifying.

5. FC Nantes vs Stade Rennais FC

FC Nantes and Stade Rennais FC compete in a local rivalry known as the Derby de l’Ouest.


The teams’ cities are located on the western coast of France, and their rivalry stems from their attempt to become the best in their respective regions. The stakes are always high when these two teams meet. Also the crowd energy is usually through the roof when they do.

6. Girondins de Bordeaux vs FC Nantes

Girondins de Bordeaux and FC Nantes have a long-standing rivalry known as the Derby de l’Atlantique.


Both of these clubs may be found on the western coast of France, and their rivalry stems from their efforts to become the best in their respective regions. It’s not uncommon for matches between these two clubs to be quite close and tense, making for an exciting game for fans to watch.

7. Olympique de Marseille vs AS Saint-Etienne

In Ligue 1, the rivalry between Olympique de Marseille and AS Saint-Etienne is another one that has a long and storied history.


The fact that these two clubs are both striving to be the best in French football contributes to the fierce competition that has existed between them for a long time and has made their encounters particularly intense. Fans from all throughout the country always have a lot of excitement building up for competitions between these two clubs.

8. Stade Rennais FC vs FC Lorient

The local competition known as the Derby Breton is fought between Stade Rennais FC and FC Lorient.


These two clubs both have their roots in the Brittany region of France. Also the conflict between them stems from the fact that they are competing with one another to become the most successful team in the area. When these two clubs compete against one another, the matches are typically intensely contested, and the energy within the stadium is consistently electrifying.

9. AS Monaco vs Paris Saint-Germain

As a rivalry, AS Monaco and PSG have only been at each other’s throats since the late 00s. These two teams are rivals since they are both aiming for the title of best club in France’s top football league, Ligue 1.


Whenever these two teams meet, the crowd is sure to be on edge because of how much they’re looking forward to the game.

10. Olympique Lyonnais vs Girondins de Bordeaux

As another storied Ligue 1 rivalry, Olympique Lyonnais and Girondins de Bordeaux have been longtime adversaries. The fact that these two clubs are always vying to be the best in French football has contributed to their heated rivalry.

Many supporters from all around the country travel to see these two teams compete. Thus the energy at the stadium during their matches is unparalleled.

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Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, Ligue 1 boasts some of the most heated and famous football rivalries in the world. The Derby Breton between Stade Rennais FC and FC Lorient and the heated rivalry between Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain have influenced French football. Moreover, they show France’s passion for the sport by bringing excitement, emotion, and intensity to every match. These rivalries will continue to define Ligue 1 as it grows.

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