Shocking Showdowns: Dramatic Twists in FA Cup Final History

The FA Cup Final is the most prestigious match in English football, and throughout its long history, it has seen its fair share of controversy and drama. These iconic moments have forever altered the landscape of the game, from controversial calls that prompted debate to fiery altercations that stoked the fires of passion. This article explores some of the most memorable and discussed points in FA Cup Final history. Discover more about the FA Cup Final Dramatic Twists.

We look back at moments that have both excited and angered football fans, from Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal to Thierry Henry’s controversial handball assist, to reflect on the final’s unexpected nature and continuing appeal.

The Hand of God: Maradona’s Controversial Goal

During the FA Cup Final between England and Argentina in 1986, one of the worst incidents in football history took place.

The Argentine team’s hero, Diego Maradona, smashed the ball into the goal with his hand, and the official didn’t even see it. His second goal, widely regarded as one of the best in World Cup history, was overshadowed by the controversy and indignation caused by this “Hand of God” goal, as Maradona afterwards called it.

The Disallowed Goal: Tommy Hutchison’s Heartbreak

Tommy Hutchison scored a goal with a spectacular volley while Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur were competing for the FA Cup in 1981.

The match was held in Wembley Stadium. However, much to his disappointment, the goal was controversially disallowed due to a contested determination that the player was offside. The event caused a heated discussion, with many individuals feeling that Hutchison was obviously on their side. The referee’s decision to overturn the goal turned out to be a deciding factor in the game, as Tottenham went on to win 3-2.

The Ghost Goal: Pedro Mendes’ Unseen Strike

Moments of confusing debate occurred during the 2005 FA Cup quarterfinal between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.


Spurs defender Pedro Mendes let fly with a long-range effort that seemed like it was going to go in until Manchester United keeper Roy Carroll dove to his left and snatched it away. Despite widespread agreement that a goal had been scored, the referee and his assistant botched their call. The incident stoked the fire of the goal-line technology debate and prompted requests for its introduction in football.

Roy Keane’s Red Card: Captain’s Controversial Dismissal 

A moment of confusing dispute occurred during the 2005 FA Cup quarterfinal between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.


Tottenham’s Pedro Mendes fired a long shot that looked like it would easily cross the goal line, but Manchester United’s Roy Carroll was there to make a diving save. In spite of widespread agreement that a goal had been scored, the referee and his assistant botched their call. The event added fuel to the existing discussion over using goal-line technology in football and prompted requests for its inclusion.

The Battle of the Buffet: Arsenal vs Manchester United

Even though Arsenal and Manchester United played to an exciting 0-0 stalemate in the 2004 FA Cup Final, the game is better known for the infamous “Battle of the Buffet” that took place in the tunnel after the game.

The fierce rivalry between Arsenal and Manchester United prompted an incident between players from both clubs, which eventually turned into a food fight. The incident elevated the already intense rivalry between the two teams to a whole new level of tension.

Luis Suarez’s Bite: The Notorious Incident

Because of Luis Suarez’s biting on Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic, the 2014 FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Chelsea has been linked with controversy.


The match was played in 2014. During a furious argument that took place on the pitch, Suarez bit down with his teeth on Ivanovic’s arm in a moment of complete and utter shock. As a result of the event, Suarez received a lengthy suspension, and football fans and commentators alike expressed their disapproval of his actions.

The “Gentlemen’s Agreement”: The 1915 Controversy

Sheffield United and Chelsea’s 1915 FA Cup Final was overshadowed by a questionable “gentlemen’s agreement.” Due to the impact of World War I on football, the game was moved to Old Trafford from its customary venue at Crystal Palace.


However, the host team, Sheffield United, declined to play, saying that they had an agreement with the visiting team, Crystal Palace, that the final would be played at Palace. There was debate around the issue for years after the match was rescheduled and played at Old Trafford.

The Handball Scandal: Thierry Henry’s Controversial Assist

Thierry Henry was at the centre of a handball dispute during the FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Newcastle United in 2000.


Henry kept the ball under his grip with his hand and put up Freddie Ljungberg for the game-winning goal as time expired. The incident went unpunished, and Arsenal went on to win the championship game. The handball incident caused indignation and revived a discussion about the role of video evidence in making life-and-death calls.

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Wrapping It Up

There have been many controversial and dramatic twists in the history of football that have been memorialised in the FA Cup Final. Fans and commentators alike were riveted by Roy Keane’s red card, the Battle of the Buffet, and Maradona’s handball goal. Although it can cause friction between fans, controversy is an essential aspect of the FA Cup Final’s colourful tapestry and helps keep the game exciting. These moments will live on in the minds of football fans as they anticipate future FA Cup Finals, pointing to the continuing allure and unpredictable nature of one of English football’s most important tournaments.

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