The Voice of The Ashes: Famous Commentators and Analysts

The Ashes, one of cricket’s most iconic rivalries between Australia and England, has been graced by legendary players and memorable moments. However, another essential aspect of this historic series is the voices behind the microphone, the commentators and analysts. These individuals play a crucial role in bringing the excitement and drama of The Ashes to millions of cricket fans around the world. Discover more about the Famous Ashes Commentators.

In this article, we will explore some of the famous Ashes commentators and analysts who have enriched the experience of watching the series over the years.

Richie Benaud: The Doyen of Cricket Commentators

Richie Benaud was a legendary Australian cricketer and an iconic cricket commentator. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest cricket voices of all time. Benaud’s commentary career spanned over four decades, and he became synonymous with The Ashes.


With his calm and composed demeanor, he added a touch of class and authority to the broadcasting booth. Benaud’s insightful analysis, witty remarks, and memorable catch phrases like “marvelous” and “simply superb” endeared him to cricket fans across the globe. His voice remains etched in the memories of those who followed The Ashes during his illustrious tenure as a commentator.

Tony Greig: The Charismatic and Enthusiastic Analyst

Tony Greig, a former England captain, was a key figure in The Ashes commentary box. After retiring from international cricket, Greig embarked on a successful career as a cricket commentator. His deep understanding of the game and infectious enthusiasm made him a fan favorite.

Greig’s distinct voice, combined with his analytical insights, made for compelling viewing during Ashes clashes. His commentary style resonated with both English and Australian supporters, and he skillfully balanced his loyalty to his nation with an unbiased analysis of the game. Sadly, Tony Greig passed away in 2012, leaving a significant void in the world of cricket commentary.

Ian Chappell: The Incisive and Straightforward Analyst

Ian Chappell, the former Australian captain, brought his astute cricketing brain to the commentary box after retiring from international cricket. Renowned for his no-nonsense approach on the field, Chappell carried that same attitude into his commentary.

His candid observations and willingness to speak his mind garnered both praise and criticism. As an analyst during The Ashes series, Chappell dissected players’ performances and strategies, providing viewers with valuable insights into the game. His strong presence and unwavering opinions made him an essential voice in Ashes cricket commentary for many years.

David Lloyd: The Humorous and Entertaining Storyteller

David “Bumble” Lloyd, the former England cricketer and coach, carved a niche for himself as an Ashes commentator with his delightful humor and entertaining anecdotes.


Bumble’s jovial personality and northern English charm added a light-hearted touch to the intense battles of The Ashes. Beyond his humor, Lloyd’s cricketing acumen shone through his insightful analysis. His ability to connect with viewers on a personal level made him immensely popular among cricket fans. Whether it was his passionate support for England or his engaging commentary style, Bumble’s presence during The Ashes matches brought joy to spectators worldwide.

Shane Warne: The Artful Spinner Turned Astute Analyst

Shane Warne, one of the greatest leg-spinners in cricket history, transitioned seamlessly from the pitch to the commentary box after retirement. His immense knowledge of the game, particularly in the art of spin bowling, brought a unique perspective to The Ashes commentary.


Warne’s ability to predict a bowler’s strategy or a batsman’s approach added a layer of excitement to the broadcasts. His candid and forthright opinions, combined with his larger-than-life personality, made him a sought-after commentator for The Ashes series. As an iconic figure in cricket, Warne’s insights were highly valued by both players and viewers alike.

Michael Holding: The Smooth and Soothing Voice

Known as the “Whispering Death” during his playing days, Michael Holding became renowned for his calm and composed demeanor in the commentary box. His velvety voice and eloquent articulation captivated audiences during The Ashes series.


Holding’s insightful analysis and emphasis on technique and skill made him a respected figure among cricketing circles. With a reputation as a no-nonsense individual, Holding didn’t shy away from critiquing poor performances or controversial incidents on the field. His passion for the game and measured commentary style elevated the experience of watching The Ashes to a whole new level.

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Wrapping It Up

The Ashes series has witnessed some truly exceptional cricketing talent, both on and off the field. The famous commentators and analysts mentioned in this article have enriched the experience of cricket fans with their unique insights, humor, and passion for the game. From Richie Benaud’s iconic catchphrases to Tony Greig’s infectious enthusiasm, and Shane Warne’s astute observations, each of these individuals has left an indelible mark on The Ashes broadcasts. Their contributions have made the legendary rivalry between Australia and England even more memorable, solidifying their place as iconic voices of The Ashes.

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