Wankhede Stadium: Heart Of Mumbai

Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, India, is a legendary venue for cricket. The stadium, which opened in 1974 and can hold up to 33,108 spectators, has seen its fair share of historic cricket matches throughout the years. Wankhede Stadium is one of the most famous cricket grounds in the world due to its gorgeous location on Marine Drive and distinctive design. 

This article will explore Wankhede Stadium in further detail, including its history, architecture, facilities, and matches.

History of Wankhede Stadium

The Bombay Cricket Association Stadium was the previous name for what is now known as Wankhede Stadium, which was constructed in 1974. 


S.K. Wankhede, who served as the secretary of the Mumbai Cricket Association, is honored by having the stadium named after him. The stadium has been refurbished on multiple occasions over the course of its history, the most recent of which took place in 2011 in preparation for the Cricket World Cup of that year.

Location and Accessibility

On Marine Drive, which runs straight through the centre of Mumbai, you’ll find the Wankhede Stadium. There are a number of quick and convenient ways to get to the stadium, including by car, rail, and airline. 


Churchgate Train Station is the one that is located the furthest away from the stadium; nevertheless, it is still accessible on foot and is only a short distance away. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is around 25 kilometers distant from the stadium, making it the airport that is geographically closest to the location of the event.

Architecture and Facilities

One of the most distinctive features of Wankhede Stadium is its design. The stadium’s east, west, and north sides each include a double-decker stand from which to witness all the action.


The Arabian Sea may be seen in all its splendor from the open south side of the stadium. The architect Shashi Prabhu, who is also responsible for the iconic design of New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, built this landmark. This Stadium is notable for its beautiful design and numerous amenities for both players and spectators. VIP suites, a press box, and a players’ lounge are all available within the stadium. There is also an indoor cricket academy, a swimming pool, and a state-of-the-art gym at the stadium.

Matches Played at Wankhede Stadium

Over the years, Wankhede Stadium has hosted numerous classic cricket matches. The stadium has played host to numerous Twenty20 Internationals, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Tests (T20Is). It also serves as the home field for the Mumbai Indians of the Indian Premier League (IPL).


It was the Cricket World Cup final in 2011 that gave Wankhede Stadium its greatest significance. In a nail-biting contest versus Sri Lanka, India emerged victorious to claim their second World Cup crown. The stadium was jam-packed, and the crowd went wild when India won the World Cup in front of their home fans.

Wankhede Stadium has also played host to numerous historic Indian cricket matches. The 2013 farewell speech given by Sachin Tendulkar was one of the most moving moments in sports history. As he left the stadium that had seen so much of his incredible career unfold, the cricket icon was overcome with emotion.

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Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, Wankhede Stadium is renowned as one of the most beautiful and well-designed cricket venues in the world. The 2011 Cricket World Cup final was only one of many historic matches played at this stadium. This Stadium remains a favorite spot for Indian cricket fans thanks to its cutting-edge amenities and breathtaking scenery. Moreover, Anyone interested in witnessing the excitement of a live cricket match in Mumbai should not miss this venue.

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