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Watch Sports on Paramount Plus in UK. Residents of the UK, as well as those from Norway, Finland, and other countries, can sign up for Paramount Plus. However, there are some variations from the US edition, since some features could be absent. However, this tutorial offers directions on how to get Paramount Plus’ American version in the UK, allowing fans to take pleasure in viewing their preferred sporting events.

Use a trustworthy VPN service like ExpressVPN in order to access Paramount Plus in the US from the UK. British customers may simply get around limitations and unblock the US version of Paramount Plus by using ExpressVPN. This gives them constant access to their favorite sporting events.

Quick Steps to Watch Paramount Plus in UK ( June 2023 Updated )

  1. Select a Reliable VPN [We Recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN as they guarantee zero buffer when streaming sports]

  2. Download and Install ExpressVPN

  3. Connect to a server in US

  4. Login in to your Paramount Plus account

  5. Watch "Paramount Plus" live online without any buffering

Why Paramount Plus US version differs from UK?

Because of license and distribution agreements that are country-specific, the American version of Paramount Plus is different from its Canadian counterpart. The shows, movies, and sporting events that can be viewed on streaming services may vary from nation to country due to licensing agreements that give exclusive rights to specific broadcasters or streaming services.

Different content libraries are available on Paramount Plus in the United States and the United Kingdom because these licensing deals are arranged independently. Content selection may also be impacted by cultural norms and market demands, leading to localized products and services.

How Much Does Paramount Plus Cost?

In the United States, new users of the site can choose between two different Paramount Plus subscription tiers. The free version will have ads embedded inside the content, while the paid one will remove them entirely. Monthly fees for the standard plan start at $4.99 (USD) and go up to $9.99 (USD) for the premium plan.

When signing up, you can choose between major credit cards and PayPal as your payment method. You should consider purchasing a subscription gift card from a US-based merchant if you are registering for the website from the UK and wish to access the US content catalog.

What Devices Are Compatible with Paramount Plus UK?

iPadXbox One
Apple TVAndroid
Fire TVPS4
Windows 10Roku

What Sports will be available on Paramount Plus in 2023?


There is a wide range of sports that you can watch on Paramount Plus, some of those are given below:

  • BIG3 Basketball
  • Combate Global Competition
  • Campeonato Brasileirão Série A – São Paulo vs. Fluminense
  • PGA Tour – Rocket Mortgage Classic (Third and Final Round Coverage
  • 100 Rodeos in 100 Days
  • NWSL – NJ/NY Gotham FC vs. Angel City FC
  • Combate Global Competition
  • Now, On the Tee: Trailblazers in Women’s Golf
  • NWSL – San Diego Wave FC vs. Washington Spirit
  • Campeonato Brasileirão Série A – Palmeiras vs. Flamengo
  • PGA Tour – John Deere Classic (Third and Final Round Coverage)
  • Beyond Limits: Power Players
  • Campeonato Brasileirão Série A – Grêmio vs. Botafogo
  • Argentina Liga Profesional de Fútbol – San Lorenzo vs. River Plate
  • PGA Tour – Genesis Scottish Open (Third and Final Round Coverage)
  • LPGA – Dana Open (Final Round Coverage)
  • Rolex United States Grand Prix Chicago
  • The 2023 SBD World’s Strongest Man Final

Can I use my Paramount Plus account in another country?

Paramount+ restricts access to only those in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii). This also includes the United States Minor Outlying Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands, as well as the Territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Does Paramount Plus UK have football?

Yes! The UEFA Champions League (and other events; schedule available on this page) is now available for live viewing on a second channel for Essential subscribers. SEC football, NCAA basketball, golf, hockey, and many more CBS sports broadcasts are available to subscribers of CBS All Access Premium. You can find the times of these events by looking at your local listings.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Paramount+ in UK?

Due to geo-restriction restrictions imposed by streaming services, a VPN is typically required to access the US version of Paramount Plus in the UK. Compliance with licensing agreements and regional content distribution rights necessitates the use of geo-restrictions. Streaming services like Paramount Plus use a user’s IP address to determine where in the world the viewer is located.

In the event that the user’s IP address is located in the United Kingdom, they will be sent to the Canadian version of Paramount Plus. Using a VPN, users can make it look like they are connecting from within the United States, hiding their true location. By doing so, they are able to access the US version of Paramount Plus and gain access to that region’s licensed material.

Frequently asked questions

Can I Watch Paramount Plus in the United Kingdom?

Yes, you may watch Paramount Plus on the Canadian version of the website. If you wish to use it, you’ll need to use a VPN to connect to the website’s US-facing version.

Is it worthwhile to purchase Paramount Plus?

If you appreciate high-quality entertainment, Paramount Plus is an excellent addition to your streaming service lineup. You can view a selection of well-regarded films and television shows without being interrupted by commercials.

Is Mount Plus available on Amazon Prime UK?

Amazon Prime UK does, in fact, offer Paramount Plus. It’s a fantastic method to watch movies and TV shows online, with a range of new and vintage titles. You can also access Prime Video content with approved devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How can I sign up for Paramount Plus?

A website account is required for the use of Mount Plus. After you’ve created an account, click “subscribe” and select a subscription. Finish the checkout process by entering your payment information. After payment, you can stream the material.

Is Mount Plus included with Amazon Prime?

Pictures from Paramount Movies and TV shows are streamed on Paramount Plus. Amazon Prime, unlike Hulu and Netflix, is not free. The monthly fee for Amount Plus is $4.99. You can try it out for a week before purchasing.

Wrapping it up!

It is essential to rely on a reliable VPN provider like ExpressVPN because Paramount Plus’ US edition is not accessible to UK viewers. The US version of Paramount Plus is now available to those in the UK who use ExpressVPN, giving them the chance to watch their favorite live sporting events. The exclusive streaming service Paramount Plus is provided by Paramount Pictures. It’s vital to keep in mind that Amazon Prime also has a $4.99 monthly subscription charge, even though services like Hulu and Netflix are not offered for free. Users have access to a free seven-day trial period before making a purchase.

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