Peacock vs SlingTV – Which one is the Better Streaming Platform?

Peacock offers a wide variety of sports events, from Premier League football to WWE, for its subscribers to stream online. It also has its own unique programming and specialized sports stations. In contrast, ESPN and NFL Network are part of the customizable sports bundles that make Sling TV so appealing. If you’re looking to stream sports, your only real choice is between Peacock and Sling TV, with the former offering a wider variety of channels and the latter offering a more streamlined package. Let’s discuss Peacock vs SlingTV in this article and decide which is best.

Peacock vs SlingTV: Which Subscription is the Best?

Sling TV and Peacock offer sports coverage, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. Live sports are limited to Peacock. However, it streams the Premier League, Olympics, and WWE. Peacock provides an extensive on-demand sports collection, including game replays and documentaries. Sling TV has ESPN, Fox Sports, NBCSN, and more live sports channels than Peacock. Sling TV’s Sports Extra plan includes NFL Network and NBA TV.

Which sports you watch determines the best sports subscription. If you like a league or team, check which service broadcasts its games. The best live sports channel service is Sling TV. Those seeking a vast library of on-demand sports videos should choose Peacock. Trying both services for free is the best method to decide which subscription you want.

FeaturePeacockSling TV
Price$4.99/month, or $9.99/month$35/month, $50/month, or $65/month
Live sportsLimited selectionWider selection
On-demand sports contentLarge libraryLimited library
Sports add-on packagesNoneAvailable
DVR50 hours with Premium Plus, 10 hours with Premium50 hours with Cloud DVR
Simultaneous streams3 with Premium Plus, 1 with Premium1
Free trial7 days7 days

Peacock vs SlingTV: Global Rating 2023

Sling TV is rated somewhat lower than Peacock, but not by much. The ideal option for you will depend on your specific requirements and tastes, as both services have advantages and disadvantages. In 2023, JustWatch, a global streaming search engine, has given the following ratings for the sports categories of Peacock and Sling TV:

Streaming serviceRating
Sling TV3.9/5

Peacock vs SlingTV: Accessibility Around the World

In comparison to Peacock, Sling TV is available in more countries throughout the world. While Peacock is only available in the United States, Sling TV can be accessed from anywhere in the world via streaming. Because of this convenience, Sling TV is a viable alternative for consumers who want to watch programming from a variety of nations. Visit their homepage for details.

Sling TV is more widely available internationally than Peacock, and its content may be accessed more easily by users outside of their own countries when a virtual private network (VPN) is employed. Similarly, non-U.S. viewers can watch Peacock’s U.S. content through a virtual private network. While VPNs are useful for accessing regionally restricted material, Sling TV’s greater availability makes it a more practical option.

SlingTV Pros/Cons


  • A wider selection of live sports channels
  • A variety of sports add-on packages are available
  • DVR included with all plans
  • Simultaneous streams up to 3


  • Limited library of on-demand sports content
  • No free tier

Peacock Pros/Cons


  • Large library of on-demand sports content
  • Live streaming of some major sporting events
  • A free tier with limited content


  • A limited selection of live sports channels
  • No DVR
  • Simultaneous streams limited to 1

Peacock vs SlingTV 2023 Device Compatibility

DevicePeacockSling TV
Amazon Fire TVYesYes
Apple TVYesYes
Samsung Smart TVsYesYes
LG Smart TVsYesYes
Web browsersYesYes

What Sports to Watch on Peacock

There are some of the sports which you can stream on Peacock are given below:

  • Premier League
  • WWE
  • Golf
  • IndyCar
  • SuperMotocross
  • Track and Field
  • Notre Dame Football
  • Copa Mundial Femenina de la FIFA™
  • Olympics
  • Super Bowl
  • Sunday Night Football

What Sports to Watch on Sling TV

Sling TV has a wide variety of sports packages to choose from. Live broadcasts of major sports events are available. To further provide a complete sports viewing experience for fans of all stripes, Sling TV offers access to major sports networks including ESPN, NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, and beIN Sports.

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • College sports
  • Soccer pr Football
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • Boxing

To Wrap It Up!

Both Peacock and Sling TV provide sports streaming benefits for various tastes. From Premier League football to WWE, Peacock’s sports library and on-demand programs stand out. However, Sling TV offers more live sports channels and customizable sports add-on packages, including ESPN and NFL Network. The choice between these sites depends on personal sports interests and the balance between live and on-demand material. Both programs have pros and cons, so free trials are the best way to decide which one suits your sports viewing needs.

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